Fire Shutters


The shutter curtain consists of fully interlocking cold-rolled galvanised steel 20 gauge laths for maximum strength and durability. The laths are securely held in place by mild steel end locks to provide smooth trouble-free operation.


Vertical side guides, 75mm or 100mm x 32mm are formed from cold-rolled galvanised steel.


The shutter barrel is formed from steel tube.


Barrel assemblies are encased in 18 gauge galvanised steel sections.

End Plates

6, 8 or 10mm steel plates support the shaft ends of the barrel to carry the motor.

Bottom Rail

A rigid ‘T’ section bottom rail is provided to give added strength.


Operation is either via a single phase or 3 phase, externally mounted motor fixed to one of the end plates. For normal operation a key switch is provided. In the event of a fire the brake is disengaged by the means of a fuseable link or a signal from the fire alarm. A range of control panels are available to facilitate this. The speed of the shutter descent is controlled by a centrifugal clutch/brake which is built into the motor unit.


Galvanised sheet laths are standard but they can be overcoated with a polyester powder finish. Guides, hoods and facias can be similarly overcoated.

Fire Certificate

Fire shutters are manufactured to specification s tested by Warrington Fire research consultants in accordance with BS476: Part 22, 1987 and BS5950: Part 8, 1990.

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