About Crown Doors and Shutters

Crown Doors and Shutters Ltd was formed in 2007 by the present Directors, employing twenty five people, and based in a 6500 sq ft. factory, manufacturing high quality aluminium systems and steel security and fire products.

Crown offer a full and diverse range of aluminium windows, curtain walling, and doors shop fronts, security shutters, steel doors, fire screens, windows and doors. Due to its now extended capabilities Crown are strong in most sectors due to their ability to offer turn key products to a varied client base, and through the efforts of a strong and committed team offer a full back up and technical service. Geographically Crown current client base covers the whole of the UK including Ireland at the present time contracts vary from £1000 up to £750,000.

In all industries and particularly in ours the quality of our design capability gives the quality of service we feel all our clients require and deserve.

So at the present time we employ two full time draughtsmen with a varied knowledge and experience base, these attributes in conjunction with the latest CAD systems are a formidable combination.

Training is as always a key factor in any company’s development and as we have outlined earlier we have a dedicated approach to us training in all its many guises as a key factor to advance the company.

As a company we always have our eye on the market place. At Crown we have always encouraged team work from all its staff and this generates a family environment and staff commitment to the Company, Directors and each other.

All the contracts and the corresponding manufacturing processes are monitored on a daily basis, all aspects of production, quality, etc. are discussed in the daily production meetings, this allows for any problems to be remedied immediately. All contractual aspects including installation, design and health and safety, delivery are reviewed twice weekly again allowing for action if required. Actual site where installation is taking place are visited regularly by the assigned contract manager, and directors thus ensuring clients’ interests are at all times being catered for.

Achieving High Standards

Another aspect of the company’s commitment to the client is in its approach towards maintaining a very high standard of quality throughout the operation. Every defect is treated and investigated individually using such control criteria as cause, origination (in house /outside source) when cause determined steps are taken to ensure remedial action is taken and procedures put in place to prevent reoccurrence taking place. Defects found on site are where possible isolated and the above process engaged, whilst the clients representative is kept abreast of the situation at all times.

It is realised and recognised that competition in business is a healthy condition and one that should be embraced with gusto, however we at Crown do not dwell on our performance against others but deliberately concentrate on ensuring we achieve the high standards we set for ourselves and can confidently display our wares and processes without the slightest doubt we are one of the best at what we do.

With our concentration fixed on the following aspects of our business:

Customer Satisfaction
Technological Advancement
Health, Safety and the Environment

We are well qualified and positioned to continue our efforts to take our business to the next level, by continuing our involvement with CHAS and Construction Line, maintaining and expanding our qualities with in our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 registered system we will continue to maintain our ethic regarding “The Client”, “Quality” and “Advancement” in any area that helps to maintain our momentum and the security of the business, and through continually maintaining our high standards relating to team work, determination and a critical eye on trends and economic conditions coupled with a caring attitude move to the next level and stay there.

In conclusion Crown approach all business stratagems with an open mind and whilst we strive to maintain our momentum we welcome inter action between ourselves and our Clients, and welcome all constructive criticism which allows us to improve our operating procedures or enhances the service we provide for our Clients.